Provider of Shape Memory Polymer (SMP) Anti-counterfeiting Solutions.

  Injection Molding Service:

  Manborui Technology also provide customized injection molding service, welcome processing business according to the drawings, samples and materials supplied by customers.

   Advanced Production and Processing Method:

 The company is equipped the latest Auto-CAD designing system connects with the CNC manufacturing center, and we supply the whole set of solutions for the customers,    

 such as material selection in design period, confirmation for the size of material and finally manufacturing the products.

 Proficient workers, advanced manufacturing equipment and consummate inspection, every step from the purchases of raw material to production are sufficient controlled within

 ISO9001(2000), which is the powerful guarantee of quality.

  Injection Molding:

 Independent mold design and machining, seasoned masters for matching colors, from manufacture the moulds of the products to test and repair it, until success in the mould

 casting and injection, our company can supply the whole set of service, which has shorten the cycle of production.

 We have whole sets of professional ESF and line incision equipment, and master the processing technology of the casting and injection moulds, with excelsior designing thought

  and the products of high quality, which makes the mould products made by Manborui Tech are popular by the clients.

 The parent company of Manborui Technology is listed company Klarity Medical Equipment ( stock code: 839744). Manborui products have been entered into the catalog of  

  “Guangdong Province key new products” in 2002 and “ National key new products”in 2003. Our company also obtained IOS9001, IOS13485, 2008 quality management systems

 certificate, national hi-tech enterprise certification ( in the year of 2009,2012,2015).

 The production area of company covers 10000 square meters, and formed a completed automatic production line for medical injection molding products. The production equipments

 including: single screw extruder unit, twin screw extruder unit, homogenizer, mix machine, grinder, drilling machine, ultrasonic welding machine, cutting machine and so on.    

 We can produce hundreds of different kinds of medical, cosmetic and wine plastic material products. We have the strong R&D, customizing production ability to meet different  

 customers’ demands.


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