Provider of Shape Memory Polymer (SMP) Anti-counterfeiting Solutions.

Shape Memory Polymer (SMP) Material:

Shapememory polymer material is a kind of smart printing film, which based on highmolecular polymer material and through a series of complicated process to makematerial with “memory function”.

By heating up to 65 degrees, SMP willmemorized the 3D text/logo informatii that hidden in material and embossed themout to verify products authenticity. And the logo/text phase change is irreversible.

SMP is “heat sensitive”, with the unique polymer feature. SMPmaterial can be combining with multiple anti-counterfeiting products to createspecial SMP security labels, packages, tags, bottles, wine caps and so on. Thatwildly used in cosmetics, food, beverage & alcohol, pharmaceuticals,clothing, electronic products and other industries.

Material Specification:

Thickness: 0.18mm±10%

Color: white or other colors

Roll width: 105mm—210mm

Sheet size: A4 or A3

Inner diameter: 75mm

Length: customized requirements.

Printing Notice:

1. Applicable to offset printing, screen printing, rotary printing, ribbon printing, UV ink printing etc.

2. Printing temperature <50 ℃.

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